Music out of the woods


My story

I was introduced to music starting to play classical violin at the age of six.

At this time I found my father's old Gibson Les Paul on our rooftop and desperately wanted to play the guitar. My mother thought it to be a better idea to send me to violin lessons instead. It actually turned out to be a good idea. I ended up taking violin lessons with a man who constantly reminded me of the beauty of nature to be found in music; that music was just a description of life itself. I fell in love with sound and most importantly music. Going through an adolescence in which I dropped my violin briefly because it didn't fit my music taste, listening to Slipknot and Nirvana, I picked it up later to play in orchestras. In the meantime I taught myself how to play the guitar and started writing my own songs. After watching a video of Jon Gomm I started getting into Modern Fingerstyle Guitar and uploaded videos of my own compositions online which went viral instantly to my own surprise.
Overwhelmed by the reaction, I took a few steps back from the internet but entered the concert world and played shows in Europe. Having always been a nerd for psychology and philosophy I started a psychology degree briefly. However, finding tour-life and the people I got to meet a lot more interesting I quit my degree and went to music school instead to study Jazz. At music school I sneaked my way into all sorts of different worlds, taking conducting, Free Jazz and contemporary music classes. My desire to get out of my own world probably peaked when I found myself playing mandolin in a mandolin orchestra with some of the most prestige players in the world; Mike Marshall. I learnt mandolin so I could have classes with him and learn how to groove like him. (One day, Mike, one day.)

My favourite thing and my biggest focus has always been on composition though since there is nothing more exciting than bringing new music into this world and discovering new things. To me it's like finding a new path or branch in a forest. Some people might only see trees but sometimes it's just the lighting that makes the difference and the encounter unique. Blabla but I really feel it.



Since 2014 I have been performing as a solo guitarist and Songwriter. 2016 I released my first album "Idylls" and am currently working on my second album "So Much for Reality."


2016 I met my bandmate and friend Felix Ambach who introduced me to our bassist Yannik Tiemann because of our common obsession with Chris Thile. We started jamming. We started a band. Ever since the three of us have been writing and playing together. I can talk about it. Or you can just check the music out.
2021 We released our debut EP which is going to be followed by our debut album in 2022. Wait for it.

Composition & Media

I also write commissioned pieces for media or ensembles. If you are interested, just get in touch.